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Examples of kiss me sms

Kiss me here. Kiss me there. Kiss me everywhere. Hold me close. Don't say a word. Let me know if my kiss rocked ur world!

My def of kisses - KISS ON HAND - I adore u. KISS ON 4HEAD - I need u. KISS ON LIPS - I want u. KISS ON NECK - I want to luv u. KISS ON CHEEK - I care 4 u.

Ur kisses R so good, I 4get about life. I feel luv'd, wanted, and numba 1 at all times.

1 kiss + 2 hugs = 3 moments of luv. 2 kisses + 2 hugs = 4ever in luv.

Everytime I see U, I get a weird vibe. Ur kisses make me feel like I'm breathless even tho I'm still alive.

Y are so good 2 me? U kiss me as if I'm the only 1 for U. U kiss me as if I'll leave U, but U never kiss me as if I want U.

Wrap ur arms around my heart. Kiss my neck then watch it stop. Luv me slowly, but keep it rite. be4 I say goodnite.

Roses r red. Plums r purple. When U kiss me, I snurl like Urkel! Hehe hehe

Do U realize I miss u? Can u tell when I kiss u? Does it hurt when u don't kiss me? Let me make it better ...smuches